Rosie J. Williams is a Christ follower, military non-profit program director and author who cheers people on in their faith and teaches them how to study the Bible through her devotional blog, teaching and speaking.

Rosie writes: 

  • Devotionals from the Bible
  • Inspirational non-fiction books
  • Children’s books (Rosie and her veteran husband Stephen are writing a Sergeant Willie Series. These books will touch the heart of military kids, but will also educate civilian kids about what military families go through.)
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Rosie’s husband, Steve, is a Vietnam veteran. The Williams are leaders in a military ministry, called Point Man Kansas. Rosie has a special appreciation and heart for military spouses and children.

New Book Now Available

Pink Bows and Yellow Ribbons

In the heartwarming children’s book, Pink Bows and Yellow Ribbons, a little girl named Mia learns about friendship, understanding, and a simple act of kindness.

Mia was no ordinary girl. She was from a Military family. Her new friend Ellie was no ordinary friend either.

Watch their friendship unfold, all because of a yellow ribbon tied around a tree!

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Thursday, February 1, 2024
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From My Art Studio to My Kitchen by Cynthia L. Williams For as long asI can remember, I have been a baker. As a little girl I would come home from school with the itch to bake something. I would set out whatever I decided to bake and if I didn't know if we had the ingredients or where to find them, I would call my mom at work and nonchalantly ask her questions. When mom would get home from work, there would be a chocolate cake, cupcakes, cookies, or some other sweet treat waiting for her along with a...read more

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Monday, November 27, 2023
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Anxiety, Consolations and Christmas Cheer   Good morning Lord!  I sure do need you on this Monday before December.  It seems like all the undone “things” from this past year are weighing me down, cluttering my mind and my inbox, threatening to steal the peace…the peace on earth we are supposed to celebrate this month…and always. I must go back to my go-to verse when worry grips my heart. Psalm 94:18-19-NASB1995 “If I should say, ‘My foot has...read more

Wounded Heart...Hidden Wounds

Tuesday, September 26, 2023
By Rosie J Williams

Wounded Hearts...Hidden Wounds   When was the last time someone tried to harm you in some way? Maybe it was a verbal or an emotional attack, or an effort to discredit and discourage you from something you knew God had called you to do. I know that when that has happened to me, I often feel blind sighted and unprepared for the “ambush”, as my Nam vet hub would describe it. The pain is real!   Paul (an evangelist in the Bible), can certainly relate. He was laser focused on a divine...read more