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Is God Your Co-pilot?

By on June 15, 2016

“I’m an author”, I replied when asked what my job was. Wow…that felt good.  Sixty-six years in the making of that dream. I recently completed my first book, Repurposed Faith, the solo writing flight that left my emotions soaring. The experience reminds me of a plaque my dad sold in his Christian bookstore for years…” God is my co-pilot.”

Ready God? Ready to fly this thing?

Then I had one of those tapontheshoulderfromtheholyspirit moments. A gentle and quiet whisper to slow down and be careful.


And remember.

Remember all of those blank pages when you were writing that book and how you cried out to Me to give you My words?

Remember how I imprinted those words on your heart, spilling them onto the pages before you?

Remember where your true identity lies?

Remember who you promised to give the glory to? And when you have done that, rejoice. I have fulfilled this dream in you! Jump for Joy and do a happy dance.

Just Remember.

P.S. And maybe that plaque should have read “God is my pilot!”

Psalms 136:23 (NLT)

He remembered us in our weakness. His faithful love endures forever.


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  1. Angela

    July 18, 2016

    I LOVE the name of your book! What a fitting title. It was good to hug your neck in Topeka. You always live what you teach. I can’t wait to read Repurposed Faith.

  2. Laura Hatfield

    September 7, 2016

    How exciting to have an author in the family! I’m so glad I found your blog. I ordered your book and can’t wait to start reading it. I think it will make for some good Christmas presents in the near future.

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