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A Day to Celebrate

By on December 10, 2014

By: Rosie Williams

IMG_3700-225x300On this day, October 10, 2014, I was looking forward to getting my husband, Steve, a new wedding ring to replace his worn out one. Forty-four years was worth celebrating!

As the day unfolded, in the wee hours, we sat together, exchanging tender glances across the room…the same room where my mom lay dying. I looked intently at her sweet, soft 97 –year- old face and contemplated what it must be like to pass from this world and exchange her worn out earth suit for a new heavenly one! When she took her last breath, it was so very peaceful…a gentle passing and I was keenly aware of God’s presence. That day was a blur of arrangements, phone calls, text messages and decisions.

When evening came and we were finally alone, I grabbed hubby’s hand and said “Let’s go! There’s a dinner to celebrate and shopping to be done, not necessarily in that order”.

The ring we picked out together was perfect for my Nam vet guy. In between small engraved crosses were the words: + strength + God + honor and on the inside of the band was the word “faith”. These words were a tribute to not only my husband, but to my mom as well.

Steve quietly said as we left for dinner, “I think the Lord took your mom home intentionally today, on October 10th, so that we could all celebrate!” I knew in my heart that he was right.

“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his faithful servants”

Psalm 116:15 NIV

  1. judy austin

    December 10, 2014

    Ahhh, love my favorite author as I am dabbing my eyes. You do such beautiful things with prose

  2. Sharon O

    January 5, 2015

    This is a precious writing. We just had our 41st wedding anniversary and I lost my mother in June so we are sort of the same page with you two. Wonderful writing and reminding me that my husband needs a new ring too. ( I am getting a new diamond for my 60th too)

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Rosie J Williams

Hello! I'm Rosie. I'm an author, a blogger and I live in Topeka, KS. A few things I love: My Nam Vet husband Steve. We like to travel and go pickin’ for stuff for my antique booth and the old barn Steve is restoring. I love my 5 grandchildren more than words can express! I love the Word of God and the personal relationship found there.

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